Why ride an Electric Bike? 

An E-bike will put the fun back into your ride allowing you to travel with ease, go further, climb hills easier, and keep up with the crowd. 

What are the health benefits of riding an Electric Bike? 

Research has shown that cyclist have a fitness level of a person 10 years younger and will be more likely to live an active life for longer. As using an Electric Bike delivers a low impact form of exercise and can help you get fitter. 

How far can I travel on an Electric Bike? 

The distance you can travel on an Electric Bike can vary greatly and is dependent on many factors, such as the weight of the rider, the load being conveyed, the terrain being ridden on and the rider’s choice of power assistance. On average you will achieve around 35 miles per charge. 

How long does it take to charge? 

Your bike will be delivered with a fully charged battery. We recommend that you top up charge your battery after each period of use. If the battery is completely flat, it can take up to 12 hours to charge but typically it takes less time. For good battery care it is better not to let your battery go totally flat.  

Does the bike get charged as I am pedalling? 

No, Technology has not yet reached that level of sophistication, the current model range of bikes are fitted with a Lithium-Ion battery that is charged via a mains powered smart charger. 

Delivery and the collection of ebikes. How it works.

The ebikes are delivered directly to your holiday home. Details are taken during the booking process of your holiday location and your time of arrival.

We will aim to have the bike/s ready and waiting for you with a fully charged battery and a backpack containing a quick guide on how to use and charge the bikes, a charger, keys, a lock, pump, maps, and some other useful details.

Simply take some photos of the bike and its condition before you use the bike and keep/send pictures, and this will act as your proof of condition.

When the rental is complete repeat the process by taking the same photos of the bike to show its condition at the end of your rental. Then simply lock the bike up in your accommodations secure cycle storage and leave backpack, batteries and all keys with your accommodation provider and the bike/s will be collected by one of our staff, either on the same or following day.

What size bike is right for me? 

The bikes are made as one size fits all. There are 2 Ebikes to choose from, the Crossbar & the Stepthrough. Both the bikes are the same size and have plenty of saddle height adjustment, but the Stepthrough frame might suit a rider who prefers to be able to get their feet to the ground easily. The Crossbar bike has a wider handlebar and may suit some larger riders. We have had riders from 5 feet 2 inches to 6 foot 5 inches who could easily ride either bike. The frames measure 18 inches/46 cm and a seat post that has 25 cm of height adjustment. 

Where can I ride? 

Cycling routes and maps provided with the bike covering the best places in Derbyshire for you to explore. 

Do you offer rental insurance? 

No, we do not currently offer insurance on rented bikes and equipment. Please check your credit card and homeowner’s policy for possible coverage. 

Alternatively, you could contact Cycling UK or Chainreaction for deals on policies. 

What if the bike is stolen or damaged? 

The renter is held responsible for rental bikes and equipment from the time it is released to the renter’s custody until the time it is checked back in. To avoid additional fees, make sure to always care for and protect your rented equipment as if it were your own. It should be returned in, essentially the same condition as it arrived. Please check your credit card and homeowner’s policy for possible coverage. 

What about locking my bike? 

We provide D-locks free of charge with bike hire. Bicycles should always be locked to something secure, and the battery should be removed each time you leave the bike locked and unattended. Remember that you are liable for the safe keeping of the bike and the battery while it is in your possession. 

What about lights, do I need to bring my own? 

You can bring your own, but the bikes come with lights built in which run from the battery, so you don’t have to worry about bringing lights.  

Can someone else ride the bike I rent? 

Bikes are only to be ridden by the individual specified during the rental checkout process and as outlined in the Waiver, Release & Indemnification. 

What if the bike breaks while I have it? 

Please be aware that we do not provide a breakdown or recovery service. Staff can be contacted during normal work hours between Monday and Friday 9-5 to provide help and advice any way we can. In addition, we will provide you with names and contact numbers for some of Derbyshire’s local bikes shops and taxi services but depending on the location of your holiday destination we recommend you always travel with a mobile phone with online services to allow you to find the most suitable and closest aid possible should you need it. Costs incurred as a result of a breakdown are not refundable by Peaks & Dales and are covered by the renter.  

What if I get a puncture while out on hire? 

The bikes are fitted with high puncture resistant tyres and sealant in the inner tubes which will help prevent punctures. If a puncture occurs, it can be as simple as removing a thorn and just reinflating the tyre with the pump provided. Due to the rear wheel containing the motor we do not recommend attempting removal of the rear wheel and the bike should be taken to the nearest bike shop for repair. We strongly recommend that you always carry a mobile phone when you ride. Should you have a mechanical problem, stop riding, and move to a safe location before using your phone.  

Do you hire child seats? 

No. The bicycles are hired to over 18s only and are not currently equipped or intended for use with child seats. 

Do you hire bicycles for special events? 

No, bikes are not to be used for events, races, or competitive use of any kind. 

What is your cancellation policy? 

Please refer to our T&Cs for full details on cancellations.